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Consignment Auctions


Add your item or collection to one of our monthly consignment auctions.consignment auction

  • Our monthly auctions have become increasingly popular today. These regular auctions bring 300 to 400 bidders from surrounding states. All of our auction are advertised nationwide with photos. We have sold to bidders from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.
  • It is important for us to have photos of your items, if at all possible, as we use those for advertising. Photos are more effective than simply words when placing ads. In many cases, we will take them ourselves if you are located in our area, if not, email or a disk is sufficient.
  • We provide a basic consignment contract, post the pictures online on several auction websites, make provisions to take possession of the items, sell them auction day, and a check less our commission and any other expenses that may apply is sent approximately 10 to 14 days post auction.
  • An example of items sold through our consignment auctions are all types of farm machinery, vehicles, building supplies, trailers, antiques, collectibles, commercial equipment, stamps, coins and other types of estate items.
  • Normally we will have two auctioneers selling at our consignment auctions, at all times. One auctioneer will focus on a particular type of item and the other on another type.
If you would be interested in consigning with us, please complete the Consignment Request Form.


Step 1 - CONTACT 

The first step in the process is to contact a representative from Rawlings Auction, Appraisal & Realty, LLC. The representative will conduct a valuation of your antiques or collectibles and provide you with an estimate. 

  You may contact us regarding consignment by:

If you are local...
We can arrange a consultation with you for a valuation. Call 301-473-5796 to setup an appointment.

If you are not local...

You can contact us via e-mail by filling out our consignment form and attaching photos, or you may have a valuation done by mail. Mail your contact information and photos to:

Rawlings Auction, Appraisal & Realty, LLC
4804 Camden Place South
Jefferson, MD 21755


After your valuation, you will be contacted by a Rawlings Auction representative. You will be asked to sign a contract and arrange shipment or pick-up of your antiques or collectibles. If you are not able to deliver or ship the items, we will make suitable arrangements to have the goods picked up. At this time we will also provide details on upcoming sale dates and commission rates, and answer any additional questions you may have regarding consignment.


Once we have your items in our possession, they will be insured for the amount of the valuation until the day they transfer to the winning bidder auction day. 
Once we receive your consigned goods, we have them tagged and inventoried, and our  team will mail you a list for your records. This process ensures the proper documentation and tracking of your items. Prior to the auction, your items will be stored in our in one of our secured storage unit areas.

Step 4

We employ experts in the auction industry who will provide descriptions for your auction consignments. When it comes to highly specialized  categories, we enlist the services of individuals whom we consider to have the greatest knowledge and best reputation within their given field in order to ensure accurate and trustworthy descriptions for advertising venues/catalogs, if catalogs are prepared for the auction.


We will aggressively market to assure maximum participation and nationwide exposure for
your consignments. Brochures and catalogs will be mailed to top buyers and collectors based on category of interest to maximize the selling power of your consignments. A media campaign will be devised in conjunction with the marketing campaign, targeting popular antique trade magazines and other influential media outlets. We will also be promoting your consignments through our website and other online venues. The Web site featues items from the current sale, sneak peeks of upcoming sales,  up-to-date market information and multiple bidding options for potential buyers. Your collection could be our next featured collection! Collectors who cannot attend the auction can conveniently bid on items from anywhere in the world via their choice of mail, e-mail, telephone, fax, Rawlings Auction & Appraisal Web site.  We also have an Internet marketing presence on popular networking sites such as Facebook.


Your consignments will be displayed online for as long as possible prior to the sale date. We suggest at least 6 weeks if possible. This time-frame allows our regular customers and potential buyers to view the photos of the items. A special preview is held the day prior to auction.   Times will be announced. 

Step 7

Rawlings Auction, Appraisal & Realty, LLC pays promptly its consignors. Payments are made two weeks after the sale.

Consignment Request Form