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Licensed Auctioneers, Certified Appraisers, Licensed Realtors
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Why Choose Rawlings Services? Marketing Campaigns for Your Items and Real Estate!

Auction is the most efficient method of selling and obtaining current market value for an asset. What better way to sell your merchandise or property but to sell to a large crowd bidding competitively for your item or real estate.  A properly marketed auction will realize market value every time whether it be real estate, equipment or antiques. It’s all done with aggressive target marketing.

The key to a successful auction is a rigorous marketing campaign pre-auction which include photographs of the assets being sold. We pride ourselves on the marketing campaigns that we provide for our clients, and the results of our auctions, is the proven success.   Our firm largely utilizes electronic media via the internet as well as print publications.  Our auctions always appear on leading websites and have appeared on such sites, by way of national press releases on Wall Street Journal.com, Forbes.com, Money.com and over 5000 other online sites.  We prepare email blasts to investors, consumers and target audiences depending on the item being sold whether that is personal property or real estate.  We prepare mass mails based on the items being sold.  For example, if we are hired to liquidate a particular business, we will target similar businesses with a mass mail as well as other national audiences.  We prepare print ads in local publications and list on all national auction websites linked to our website and so much more. 

We determine the budget required to properly market your assets and prepare your campaign based on that budget. Depending on the type of auction, we may assume marketing fees or it could be passed through to you as seller.  This is determined on a case by case basis.  These marketing campaigns bring more than 300 bidders to our ever popular bi-monthly consignment auctions.  Whether you have one item or a partial estate, we will include it. We regularly sell for more than 30 consignors each bi-monthly auction.